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Should Cinemas Have Screenings For Social Media?

There’s an article on Little White Lies about how people who can’t help but use their phones in a cinema.  What is one of the few places that mobile usage is shunned, is beginning to be infiltrated by those that would rather share their experience, constantly, with everyone else rather than being able to keep quiet and attentive for a mere 2hrs.  I suppose the text I have written here, conveys this author’s opinion on the subject, but the article proposes two types of screening – one for those who want the full quiet cinema experience and another for those who want it to be a more casual, social affair.  That doesn’t necessarily mean social media, it could be discussion during the film itself, previously a big no-no.


What do you think?  Should cinemas change their programming to suit the modern lifestyle, or should audiences change their programming?

2 comments for “Should Cinemas Have Screenings For Social Media?

  1. 13 August, 2015 at 19:55

    Phone in the cinema should be an executable offence…

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