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Digital Skills For Innovation

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We’re all about education and furthering knowledge and this is how filmmaking can grow and innovate.

The University of Wolverhampton is managing grants of £1000 on behalf of the Worcester City Council towards training costs for business and freelancers. The grants are for businesses and freelancers who live in Worcester only and right now there are 10 unclaimed grants which need claiming by March or they go to waste, which would be a tragedy.

Contented, a Midlands based communication company runs training and development workshops and have been in touch about offering some filmmakers (or other creatives) places on a Digital Skills course.


Engaging and developing audiences – whether customers, hopeful employees or investors – are critical to running any successful business or project.

Whether you’re a freelancer or you’ve a team pulling in millions of pounds, everyone today needs to be a publisher and broadcaster. Even financiers and recruiters are using the media. Communications is not just a skill for your marketing intern.

* Project and production management, proposals, budgeting and international working;
* Crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding campaigns and successful investor presentations;
* Facilitating team story-making, learning, leadership and development;
* Digital media skills such as writing, film production and photography;
*  Business improvement, developing quality marks, partnerships and telling your company story.


For further information and to check your eligibility for a grant,please contact Jenny Jardine on 0800-310 10 93 or
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