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Write your own ending to classic for chance to win £2,000

Sorry, bit late posting this

FILM buffs and writers in Worcester can pen their own ending to a movie classic for a chance to win £2,000.

The competition, called The Alties and sponsored by Cartridge Save, is inviting people to write their own ending to a popular film.

There are five categories to consider best comedy or rom-com, best action or adventure, best fantasy, sci-fi or horror, best family or animation; and best drama or thriller.  

Entries will be judged by a panel of three acclaimed industry experts: Manchester Metropolitan University’s senior Lecturer of Film Studies Andy Moor, Film & Theatre Critic Kevin Bourke and script writer Martin Paul Roche.

The winning entry will be awarded a £2,000 cash prize, to be invested as you wish. Two runners-up will receive £250 and we will be awarding two further entries from each category a box set of their choice to the value of £30.

A 750 word submission, either as prose or scripted dialogue, can be entered at by September 4.


Source : Worcester News

Splendid Cinema Returns This Autumn

Splendid Cinema

Great news, Splendid Cinema is back at Worcester Arts Workshop and have announced the line-up of films being screened.

4 October, 2015: Tokyo Tribe (Japan, Shion Sono, 2014) 120 min
Utterly bonkers Japanese hip-hop musical about warring gangs in a dystopic future Tokyo. Sono demonstrates he is one of the most fascinating filmmakers working in Japan today. Based on Manga series.

18 October, 2015: White God (Hungary, Kornel Mundruczó, 2014) 120 min
Powerful allegory about an abandoned dog who starts a revolution. At once touching and terrifying, White God contains some of the most intense and harrowing sequences ever filmed. Warning, while this is a film for all animal lovers, some parts of the film viewers may find upsetting.

31 October, 2015: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (USA, Jim Sharman, 1975) 100 min
Just for Halloween! A special screening of the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show!! Dress up, shout out the lines, throw toast & confetti, and get ready to do the Time Warp (again!). Note: film starts at 20:00 and you’ll still be able to make the parties around town.

8 November, 2015: Baby (India, Neeraj Pandey, 2015) 160 min
An action-packed Bollywood extravaganza about an elite counter-terrorism unit trying to prevent a massive attack in New Dehli. Baby is the highest rated Bollywood film on IMDB (as of time of writing), with a score of 8.2!

22 November, 2015: Mommy (Canada, Xavier Dolan, 2014) 140 min
An intense drama about a single mother trying to raise her delinquent son, filmed in a style one can only describe as “Canadian Social Realism”. When screened at the 2014 Cannes film festival, Mommy was given a five minute standing ovation, before going on to sweep the 2014 Genie Awards (Canadian Oscars). The performances are breath-taking; some of the finest film acting you will ever see.

6 December, 2015: Wild Tales (Argentina, Damian Szifron, 2014) 120 min
Finishing off 2015, Splendid Cinema is proud to present possibly our favourite film in the season. Wild Tales are six, unrelated short stories which manage to be funny, romantic, tragic and utterly unpredictable. Nominated for the Oscar (Best Film Not in the English Language), Palme D’or at Cannes and for Spain’s Goya awards; swept Argentina’s version of the Oscars too. Not to be missed!
All films are Sunday evenings from 18:00 and at the Worcester Arts Workshop. Admission is £5


Should Cinemas Have Screenings For Social Media?

There’s an article on Little White Lies about how people who can’t help but use their phones in a cinema.  What is one of the few places that mobile usage is shunned, is beginning to be infiltrated by those that would rather share their experience, constantly, with everyone else rather than being able to keep quiet and attentive for a mere 2hrs.  I suppose the text I have written here, conveys this author’s opinion on the subject, but the article proposes two types of screening – one for those who want the full quiet cinema experience and another for those who want it to be a more casual, social affair.  That doesn’t necessarily mean social media, it could be discussion during the film itself, previously a big no-no.


What do you think?  Should cinemas change their programming to suit the modern lifestyle, or should audiences change their programming?

The Mechanics Of A Film Projector

In this world of pocket high tech, special effects and digital projection, it’s easy to forget the film projector. The film projector, largely taken for granted in cinemas by audiences, has been the ubiquitous means of placing a film on a large screen for mass entertainment. This video shows how they actually work and it’s really very clever.

Cinema will help you enjoy the great outdoors and some blockbusters movies

MOST of us would have enviously watched American television shows and movies featuring drive-thru cinemas, cars all lined up in a row.

But with Britain’s inclement weather it is probably no surprise that they did not really take off in the same way over the pond.

But still – it would be nice to spend a warm, summer’s evening sat out watching your favourite films which is exactly what Salvage Cinema is now able to offer.

Launched this year, it has a programme of films which are already close to selling out and will feature at outdoor venues across Worcestershire.

Film fans will get something totally different from the usual cinema trip – showings of favourite films where people can enjoy good food and great company watching classics such as Back to the Future and Top Gun in the outdoors.

The inflatable screen will be appearing at Top Barn Farm, Worcester Road, Worcester for screenings of Back to the Future on Friday, July 31 and Top Gun on Saturday, August 1.

It will also be bringing outdoor screenings of family favourite films including Mamma Mia, Grease and The Goonies throughout August to Severn Valley Farm Park and Hawkbatch, Wyre Forest.

Mikey Fowler, from Stourport-on-Severn, is the brains behind Salvage Cinema and in the coming years hopes to eventually take it national.

The 25-year-old said: “We are showing people films they have probably seen before but in a completely different environment.

“It is not like when you go to a usual cinema and everyone is quiet, people can get up, grab a bit of food – it is chilled out and laidback and there are a few surprises here and there.


“It’s not just about the film, for me the idea is to watch a film with friends at something that’s a bit different.”

For more information on the screenings, log on to or


Source : Worcester News